If you have an old roof, you may be debating whether you should replace or repair it. Well, there are tell-tale signs showing that you do need new roof. As a homeowner, you may already know that any leak in your ceiling means you need a new roof installed. But that’s not all the indications that you should know about.  

To help you determine if it’s time for a new roof, you better call roofers when you see any of the signs listed below. The professional roofers would know whether it’s best to install a new roof or repair your old one. If you must, consult with the top three roofers in your area to get to the best decision.  

  1. Aging roof 

Depending on the type of roof you installed in your home, its lifespan may go anywhere from 10 to 25 years. Of course, there are many factors affecting a roof’s longevity. Proper ventilation, adequate maintenance, and the weather condition in your area affect how long your roof will perform well. As a rule of thumb, if your room is over a decade old, then it must be up for replacement.  

  1. Damaged shingles 

The signs of damaged roof shingles include buckling and curling. If you see these signs, then you really need to install a new roof. Always check your roofing system if you have the capability to do so. Otherwise, you may call a roofer to do that job. Curled and buckling shingles are indications that they’re past their lifespan.  

  1. Roofis falling apart 

If the roof is already falling apart, then that’s a good sign that a new one is in order. All types of roofs have valleys where the rain and snow pass to fall through the gutter. If roof is badly damaged that the valleys are no longer functional, then roof leaks will definitely occur. 

  1. Missingroof shingles

Many roofs nowadays are made of shingles. If you notice some shingles on your lawn, then some of the tabs may no longer be intact and they have to be replaced. Replacement is recommended if you only have one or two faulty shingles. But if there are a lot of them falling down, then it might be better to replace the entire roof.  

  1. 5. Daylightstarts to seep through 

The first place that you can check to know the condition of your roof is the attic. If you notice daylight seeps through the boards, then the roof is damaged. And when that happens, there are high chances that the insulation of the roof is also compromised. Call your roofers immediately so they could check the extent of the damage.  

These are just some of the situations where you need the help of roofers. These professionals can help restore the functionality of your roof, which is one of the most integral parts of your home. Roofs are tasked to protect your entire property so you should do your share in protecting it as well.